Giving Back: Eye Screening in Minneapolis

We all realize the significance of taking good care of our youth- today’s children are tomorrows leaders correct? But setting our children on the right path won’t make a difference, if they can’t see the way!

When my little sister was in grade school, she “got into trouble” often and was doing really poorly in pretty much all of her subjects- even gym! Until finally, one bright educator asked my mother when my sister had had her eyesight tested last. Thus leading to the discovery that the poor kid couldn’t see the chalkboard, let alone the words in her books!

Approximately 25 percent of children have vision problems significant enough to affect their daily activities – in and out of the classroom. Children are not always aware that they have a vision problem and consequently don’t alert an adult who can get them help. Claris is an independent clinic that gives back to its community and is willing to go the extra mile to provide the very best in care…literally.

Routine vision screenings at schools would be an efficient and economical method for detecting vision issues in school-aged children. However competing priorities and demands on budgets leave no money to provide such services. Because of this, Claris is a supporter of the Early Youth Eyecare (E.Y.E.) Community Initiative, which  “strives to remove vision problems as a major roadblock to learning by providing regular vision screenings and subsequent treatment services to Minneapolis school children in kindergarten, first, third, fifth and sixth grades”. Claris contributes a portion of its clinic time to seeing patients in this program.

Claris also provides some free and reduced rate eye screenings in Minneapolis at specially organized outreach events (this includes participating in the Jubilee Celebration in Apple Valley Minnesota annually since the fall of 2009).

Giving back to the community clearly isn’t only about eye-care… As a continue effort, Claris Eye Care & Surgery collects toys and books, which are graciously donated by Claris patients, for children attending Time for Tots preschool in south Minneapolis.  Dr. Carlson and Rachel also visit the school monthly to read specially selected books!

If you are interested in supporting an independent clinic that gives back to its community and truly cares about its patients and will go the extra mile to provide the very best in care and clinical experience, then the choice is clear

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