Claris Eye Care

Dollarphotoclub_82197100Claris Eye Care & Surgery is an ophthalmic specialty center helping patients address health concerns related to the eye.

At Claris, you will receive the time and attention you need from one of the best medical teams in the business.  That means:

  • time with the doctor reviewing your individual needs
  • time with the technologists to conduct the proper tests
  • time with administrative staff to address insurance questions

Mission & Values

Claris Eye Care & Surgery is a company run by real people.  As people of principle, we are mission-driven and have core values we hold dear.  Our mission is to improve patient vision and facilitate healing.

The people of Claris are:

  • Compassionate –  We take time to explain conditions, outline best practice and help patients consider all options.
  • Collaborative – We work closely with other care professionals to promote positive health outcomes.
  • Timely –  We provide timely service to all we serve.
  • Technologically Advanced– We use proven technology to improve care and reduce costs.
  • Informative –  We provide detailed information that is helpful in making decisions about patient health and we collect feedback to improve the services we provide.
  • Charitable – We volunteer a portion of our time and talents to serving the needs of others.

We are available to talk with you.  If you have questions about your eyes, please contact us at 612.775.8009 or by email at