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Schedule Your Eye Care Appointment today with NextMD

Forget about more daylight hours in Spring…There’s simply never enough time in the day to take care of ALL the things on your “ To Do” list!

No time for a phone call to your physicians ‘office? Can’t go after work hours to swing by and pick up important documents from your doctors office? Now you can use a patient portal and within seconds be communicating directly with your physician! Patient portal? Sounds like something from a Star Trek episode right?

A patient portal is simply a secure, healthcare related, online application. And with the recent spotlight being on advanced technology in healthcare, Claris Eye Care & Surgery saw this as yet another way to provide better service and care for their patients. Now it’s beyond easy to connect with Claris Eye Care & Surgery 24 hours a day conveniently from your home or office.


Claris Eye Care & Surgery uses NextMD, online patient portal which allow patients remote electronic access to their records, and the ability to communicate directly with their physician and clinical staff.  The NextMD technology allows your doctor to use a single server (unlike emails which use multiple servers over the internet) secured by both a firewall and 128-bit encryption. The secured system has a password protected log-in that you receive upon registering for the service, allowing you direct access and safeguarding your privacy. In the years past, a considerable amount of patients’ health information was never communicated to or easily accessed directly by the patient. Not anymore!

The real value of an EMR and an online patient portal is the patient centered clinical support and improved communication. A home bound, sick or infirmed patient will surely see this new tool as a huge relief. I’ve had quite a few surgeries myself and have found it necessary to be in frequent contact with my physicians’ offices, which can be exhausting. Also, if you are like me, you probably find it easier to write down what you really want to discuss with your doctor because sometimes the subject matter -or even just an office visit- can make me too nervous to remember all of my questions.

How Do I Sign Up?

You can sign up for Next MD by visiting the Claris website and filling out the enrollment form (electronically of course!).  After processing the form, Claris will give you an enrollment token, which you will then use to activate your personal NextMD account.

Once you have enrolled you will be able to do a variety of new things from your very own computer:

  • Send and receive private, secure email messages to Dr. Carlson and staff
  • Request optical prescriptions, medication refills, lab results and make or confirm appointments
  • Research and print information you may be seeking regarding the eye and other current medical topics

Lastly, it is important to note that if you are ever experiencing acute pain or profound vision loss, please do not send a message via NextMD. Instead call Claris Eye Care & Surgery immediately at 612.775.8009, or go to your nearest emergency room or urgent care clinic.

Press 1 for Great Customer Service, Claris’s Focus on Patient Needs

Have you ever called a doctors office and followed the many (and often exhausting) voice-prompt options, until you found someone- a real live person -to answer the phone?

Or maybe you’ve hung up and called back multiple times with the fervent belief that “ this time it will be different “?

I don’t know about you, but I have a few doctors’ offices that I have to call on a fairly regular basis, and time and again it is with great apprehension and dread that I do so. Why? Because most of the time the phone is answered by an unfriendly voice that states the name of the office and then immediately says “Please hold”…Only to come back a few minutes later with a sigh asking “how can I help you.” However, we both know, that person doesn’t really mean it.

Calling to ask about medical questions can promote a lot of anxiety and concern. The last thing we need, as patients, is to feel even more uncomfortable about the importance of our phone call.

Sadly, the vast majority of medical offices seem to have forgotten that they are essentially there to provide a very significant service- to be of care to those in need.

On any given day, the calls coming in to a practice can be of varying degrees of urgency. They can range from scheduling an appointment, filling a prescription, or asking questions you forgot to discuss during a prior consultation to the considerably more urgent post operative medical questions.

Our Focus on Patient Needs

Claris Eye Care & Surgery takes pride in their renewed focus on patient needs and care. Ninety-nine % of the time there is an actual real, live person answering the phone in a courteous, friendly and helpful manner, without the usual gazillion voice prompts!

There is both a clinical team with extensive experience available in addition to an administrative team committed to helping patients. Using electronic medical records helps to facilitate improved administration and timeliness in communicating with patients. And there are even informative, empathetic staff members available to help navigate the often treacherous process of insurance needs!

What People Are Saying

Patient testimonials and feedback are consistent with the Claris commitment to a respectful, considerate and friendly staff that places the needs of their patients first. “It’s nice when people call to