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It’s About Time, Book your Eye Consultation Today!

We live in an extremely “Time” obsessed culture…
“ What time is it? ”
“ We’re running out of time! ”
“ Time is money! ”
“ Time flies! “

eye consultation

Worrying about time and being “ time efficient ” are two totally different things. We’ve all found ourselves saying, “Hey, it’ll kill two birds with one stone” (another time obsessed statement btw) and being genuinely excited because this usually means more outcome for less effort.

When going to most doctors’ offices for a consultation, like most of you I have found that it is only a very cursory discussion of what might be some options for whatever is going on with my health. I then have to return for a “real” exam, and then usually tons of follow up tests etc… only to find that after the procedure is done, I end up back in the doctors office many times for a multitude of reasons!

However, at Claris, Dr. Carlson spends more time UPFRONT during eye consultations and with diagnostic testing to insure that they achieve the very best surgical outcomes! And Claris has the success rates to prove it.

Talk about saving time- and money… And more importantly than all of that: peace of mind.

For the most part, surgeons and doctors seem cold or distant, reserved and uncaring- which is ironic because their job is to take care of us and make us well. But we just assume this is what is required for them to do their job…

Until we meet someone like Dr. Carlson!

Dr. Carlson is compassionate, sincere, kind and hospitable. Not only does he answer all of his surgical patients questions during consultations- with no rushing or time constraints!- but he encourages patients to call or email him after they’ve been to see him, should they have any follow up questions.

Any other doctor I’ve been to has always seemed annoyed and busy when I’ve had to get in touch with them about something important. Yet, when having a surgical procedure done with Dr. Carlson, there is no fear that you will be disturbing or bothering him, as there is with most doctors. Dr. Carlson even calls all of his surgical patients the night of their surgery to see how they are doing and find out if they have any questions for him. And he makes it clear to surgical patients that if they have any questions or concerns about their post operative vision that they should call or email him evenings and/or weekends.

I found assurance, serenity and a better way to see things more clearly when I found Claris.

It’s about time you did too, Call us  to book your eye consultation today!

Dr. Carlson: The Minneapolis Eye Care Expert

The word ‘Experienced’ is defined as “having become skillful or knowledgeable from extensive contact, observation or participation in something”;
And the word ‘Expert’ is defined as a “person wise through experience”.

It is no secret that Minneapolis eye care expert, Dr. Carlson, routinely performs laser vision correction procedures and cataract surgery (with and without multi focal lenses), in addition to both upper and lower blepharoplasty procedures. But what you might not know is that during the span of his career, Dr. Carlson has skillfully completed more than 10,000 surgeries and procedures! Not too many people can use the expression that they’ve done something “ A thousand times” – and mean it literally.

When it comes to choosing a surgeon for an upcoming procedure I think everyone would agree that they would want THE most experienced doctor they could find, someone who has countless experiences doing the same procedure over and over again. Certainly confidence is garnered with each additional successful surgery. Knowing your surgeons experience will undoubtedly help you in the decision making process, as surgical volume is a strong predictor of patient outcome.

Thanks to technological advances, cataract surgery is now one of the most common surgical procedure performed in medicine today. However it requires incisions and therefore a high degree of precision, dexterity and skill. And blepharoplasty requires trimming sagging skin and muscle and removing excess fat. So, in effect, it doesn’t matter as much what type of laser or equipment your surgeon is using, as it does the way in which they are using it. And in Dr. Carlson’s case, it is with masterful proficiency that comes from experience and expertise.

Statistics show that doctors who are considered “ high volume ” surgeons, such as Dr. Carlson, have lower complication rates, less need for follow up or revision surgeries and that their patients stay in the hospital for shorter amounts of time than “ low volume” surgeons.

In addition to feeling comfortable with Dr. Carlson and having all your questions answered, you will feel confident in knowing that he routinely performs your specific surgery and is always on the cutting edge of technology, (pun intended!),using the best, latest and safest techniques. You will be thrilled with the results…10,000 times over!