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Don’t Let Cataracts Make You Mr. Magoo

We are all pretty stubborn when it comes to accepting our age, and all the age-related changes that our bodies go through. I think this was best depicted with the cartoon character Mr. Magoo, who would get into comical situations as a result of his MPS1nearsightedness- compounded by his very stubborn refusal to admit the problem! Mr. Magoo would get out of his unfortunate situations with uncanny luck, but let’s face facts, we ‘real life’ characters don’t often see this happening.

Beginning around the age of 40, the natural lens inside the eye begins to harden and become less flexible- reducing the eye’s ability to switch focus from near, far, in between, and back again. By age 50 almost everyone loses their ability to read comfortably without glasses. And most people over the age of 60 experience some level of blurry vision due to cataracts.

If your quality of life is being affected by cataracts or presbyopia, and you yearn to gain independence from glasses for the first time in your life- don’t be a Magoo! Now is the time to talk to your doctor about treatment options.

Recent FDA approvals in multifocal intraocular lenses (IOLs) are being appreciated nationwide by physicians, for their long-term clinical results and unmatched stability. For people who have cataracts, there is a procedure available to remove the clouded natural lens of the eye, and replace it with an advanced IOL. These unique implantable lenses significantly improve vision after cataract surgery in addition to correcting presbyopia.

Claris offers the most up to date versions of the highest quality multifocal lenses- ReSTOR® and Toric® by Alcon and Tecnis® by AMO. These products use diffractive lens designs, which change the way light is directed- depending on the different zones in the lens. Some correct for distance vision and astigmatism while others correct for both distance and near vision. Clinical trial results have shown that having these lenses can result in 20/25 or better distance vision, and 20/32 or better near vision for 93% of study participants.

When you work with Claris, the price quoted for the surgical insertion of an IOL is the price you pay- additional enhancement procedures are covered for one year after the surgery. Contact Claris if you have questions about a multifocal lens procedure or pricing, or need help with financing.

Enjoy an active lifestyle, freedom from glasses and improved vision! Contact Claris today at 612.775.8009 or email them at

And by the way, if you DO actually remember the cartoon Mr. Magoo… chances are, it may be time to schedule an eye exam!!!