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Minneapolis, Remove Your Under-Eye Circles at Claris

Are you tired of those dark under-eye circles? The ones that actually make you look tired? Thanks to dermal fillers and volume replacement, there is now a way to lessen the appearance of under-eye circles.

There are two main facial muscle groups Minneapolis Dermal Fillersthat meet under the eyes, near the nose. The orbicularis oculi and nasalis muscles meet at the base of the nose below the medial part of the eyelid. This creates a groove commonly known as the “tear trough.” Actually, when crying or tearing, the tears in the corner of the eye run into this groove and down the cheek.

The problematic “dark circles” under the eyes are made noticeable when there is thinning of the tissues in this “tear trough” area over time. The loss of volume makes the normal groove or depression become more prominent. The underlying muscles are then seen as bluish black discolorations beneath the thinning skin, thus leading to the appearance of dark circles.

Replacing lost volume of protein in this area can reduce the appearance of the darkening tear trough. Dermal Fillers containing hyaluronate proteins are used to replace the natural proteins lost with age and add volume.

Getting rid of your darkened under-eye circles requires a simple In-office procedure, whereby the lower lid is made numb with lidocaine and small amounts of protein are injected deep beneath the orbicularis muscle to replace lost volume and lessen the depression or groove.

The procedure is fast and nearly painless and lasts for over a year. Additional, proteins can be added as needed over subsequent years.

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